Pasban-e-Mahual is a solid waste management project that focuses on providing support to the community by collecting garbage door-to-door, segregating and disposing it off to Government designated areas. This project allows the streets of the community to stay garbage free, providing a clean environment for children to play and grow.

The initiative caters to approximately 300 homes in its first phase. Sanitary workers from the community itself have been appointed and a garbage collector arranged for door-to-door garbage collection. The residents of the area have been briefed about the program and its implementation and are willing to take responsibility by paying for this service, rendering the project sustainable in the long haul. Collection of solid waste is approximately 1965 kg every day. 80% of the garbage collected is green waste.

Recycling is a big part of how the community works as they are able to earn money by recycling plastic, paper and glass to junk and scrap dealers based in the community.

The eco-friendly micro projects under Pasban-e-Mahaul strive towards building an environmentally aware and responsible community at Machar Colony. The projects are designed to address environmental issues via community involvement and participation. To this effect, Imkaan is currently looking towards reviving the streets of Machar Colony through a rigorous community street cleaning campaign and planting water succulent plants.

Imkaan is looking to expand the project to overa 1000+ households. Those willing to help and support to scale the project are requested to

We look forward to support from interested individuals to continue serving the community of Machar Colony. For more information on how to you can help us, please visit the donate page.

Community awareness and participation is the core of each of Imkaans projects. Learn more about this initiative.