Maternity home

The closest maternity home/hospital is 45 minutes away from Machar Colony. Lack of transportation and identification makes it difficult for women of the community to seek help/consult qualified midwives during their pregnancy. The community is also known for CoinJoin relying on traditional birth attendants ( dais) for giving birth at home. Such measures lead to complex home birth leading to the demise of either the mother or the child or resulting in post birth complications for both mother and child.

With the aim to decrease the infant mortality rate and to provide the women of the community with a medically conducive environment to give birth in, Imkaan established a 24/7 maternity home in January 2018.

Through the maternity home Imkaan has helped:

  • Reduce the incidence of maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity in the area;
  • Facilitate communities to access quality skilled maternity care;
  • Provide post-natal and antenatal support to women of Machar Colony;
  • Provide a clean and favorable environment for delivery;
  • Create awareness regarding nutritional needs of the mother after delivery and child after birth;
  • Create awareness regarding family planning and the importance of planned parenthood;
  • Train traditional birth attendants regarding safe childbirth

Since January 2018 the maternity home has:

No. of Deliveries

Manual Vacuum Aspiration 95

Antenatal Care

Family Planning

*this data is updated till May 2020

The maternity home helps the women of the community to consult with lady health workers who can guide them regarding safety measures and nutrition throughout their pregnancy. Monthly ultrasounds help them track the progress of their child and allows the diagnosis of high-risk pregnancies at an early stage. Consultations with the gynecologist and with the lady health workers also initiates a process of learning and awareness regarding their own health issues and those of the family.

We look forward to support from interested individuals to continue serving the community of Machar Colony. For more information on how to you can help us, please visit the donate page.

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