Support Khel- A Learning and Recreation Center

Our new initiative in Machar colony for children who do not go to school, work in shrimp peeling factories and gamble in the streets all day long. A place where they can learn new skills, take part in educational activities in a loving and secure environment. Khel is divided in three different components:

Art & Performing Art Component

Monthly Running Expense – Rs. 100,000/-

Per child cost: Rs. 2000/-

(inclusive of salary, purchasing of art material and miscellaneous expenses)

Education Component

Monthly Running Expense: Rs. 120,000/- per month

Per child cost: Rs. 850/- per child.

(inclusive of salaries, stationary and miscellaneous expenses)

Sports & Gymnastics Component

Monthly Running Expense – Rs. 200,000/-

Per child cost: Rs. 2000/-

(inclusive of salary, purchasing of sports material, uniforms)

Support Maternity Home

The maternity home in Machar Colony will cater to women in the area by providing them with a clean and safe environment where they are able to give birth in a medically conducive environment.

Per delivery cost: Rs. 3000/- inclusive of consultation, medication and delivery

Monthly Running Expense: Rs. 300,000/- per month

Support E-Guard

E – Guard a Solid Waste Management Project is an integral part of Imkaans work in Machar colony supports the community by collecting garbage door to door, sorting and then discarding accordingly.

E-Guard is a self-sustainable project in the long run but needs support for establishment.

Monthly Running Expense: Rs. 75000/- per month

Support Sehat Ghar

Our three-room clinic is providing free of cost healthcare to the community in Machar Colony. The clinic supports 2100+ families and approximately 30,000+ patients every month.

Per Patient/Child cost: Rs. 500/- inclusive of consultation & medication

Monthly medication fund: Rs. 100,000/- per month

Imkaan is registered as Social Welfare Agency under The Social Welfare Agency Ordinance of 1961. Donations to Imkaan Welfare Organization can be made directly to our bank account as indicated below

Imkaan Welfare Organization, Khayaban-e-Saadi Branch
Current Account No: 0595026121003100, Branch Code: 1451
For more information email us at

Your contribution and support whether in cash or kind, shall help towards building a healthier and safer environment for expectant mothers and young children, whilst ensuring the well-being of their communities in general. We at Imkaan believe that no child should be curtailed by the circumstances of its birth and that every child has a right to life, quality healthcare, education and a safe loving and secure environment. Our projects are directed towards safety and development of children. We look forward to funding from interested individuals and organizations willing to work with us for our cause – a safe and secure environment for children.