Community Healthcare Centre

Apart from issues associated with poverty, the stateless community of Machar Colony has no access to quality healthcare. Imkaan’s community healthcare center has a two-pronged approach where women and children of the community are provided with quality healthcare and can also access mental health support through qualified counselors.

Mother & Child Healthcare Clinic

The mother & child healthcare clinic was established in 2014, Imkaan’s very first project in the community of Machar Colony. Since its inception more than 60,000+ patients have been treated for diseases such as scabies, acute respiratory infection, malnourishment, urinary tract infection and seasonal diseases. Through the mother & child health care clinic, Imkaan aims to:

  • Provide low/no cost healthcare to the women and children of the community;
  • Create awareness regarding health-related issues effecting the community;
  • Advocate for a clean and hygienic lifestyle through community meetings;
  • Providing consultation and medication related to maternal health issues;
  • Provide consultation to new mothers and focus on neo-natal support;
  • Immunization of children through the town health office.

Sehat Ghar Data 5 years Pdf

Dr. Samina Kanwar
Incharge, Mother & Child Health Care

Mental Health Clinic

Across the world mental health is considered a taboo. Affected people are neglected as they don’t show any physical signs and further due to the stigma surrounding the same. As one of the largest informal settlements in Karachi and predominantly a Bengali/Burmese population, therefore stateless, the community struggles with poverty, lack of health facilities, education and insecurity of income. The lack of opportunities to grow inadvertently has an effect on the mental health of the population. Women of the community suffer from postpartum depression and face abuse and violence. Since the COVID-19 pandemic and resultant lockdowns, there has been a significant rise in cases of violence, more specifically against women and children

Azam Naz
Psychosocial Counsellor Mental Health Clinic

As part of its commitment to support the community members, Imkaan has established a mental health clinic with qualified therapists and psychosocial counselors. The clinic aims to:

  • Create awareness regarding mental health issues within the community. This activity will be linked to other projects of Imkaan such as Khel, and Imkaan’s maternity home;
  • Assist people with mental illness in leading more productive and autonomous lifestyles;
  • Activity based sessions with community members to assess the need for mental health;
  • Provide support and mental health counselling to women and children in abusive and violent households;
  • Provide support and mental health counselling to those suffering or fearful of COVID-19;
  • Provide support to young mothers suffering from postpartum depression with a link to Imkaan’s maternity home;
  • Provide support to the stateless population whose mental health is affected by the lack of growth opportunities due to no identity/statelessness;
  • Empower the community and individuals through workshops and trainings that assist in givin
    tools to tackle a wide variety of issues.

We look forward to support from interested individuals to continue serving the community of Machar Colony. For more information on how to you can help us, please visit the donate page.

Community awareness and participation is the core of each of Imkaans projects. Learn more about this initiative.